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Indiesquish Halloween

Halloween Banner

It's October! Spooky builds, festive builds, and getting together with friends to solve puzzles are all part of why we love October on Indiesquish. Every couple of years, we build up a small event world for everyone to go to to celebrate the season, and this year is sure to be a blast!

We've got a minigolf minigame for you to enjoy, along with various collectibles from vendors, monsters to fight, puzzles to solve, and more! Stay tuned for details on when this world will open up to players.

Darkmoon Harbor

To help celebrate the season, the Minesquish Buildoff will also be "Halloween" themed! The Buildoff will run from Tuesday, October 1st, to Monday, November 4th. You've got plenty of time to build something awesome!

Minesquish Buildoff - No Place Like Home

The Minesquish Buildoff wrapped up another round recently, with our theme "No Place Like Home"!

Our winner this round was... Lime!

Lime created a well-built and well-designed home, complete with yard!

Lime's Home

We had some great entries this round, from homes and homesteads of players' own design, to a couple of visits to the land of Oz!

It was awesome to see everyone who participated show off their building skill, and improve along the way.

Our next theme will be "Halloween", and will run from October 1st to November 4th. We can't wait to see what spooky things you build!

Minesquish Buildoff Round 2, "Nature" - Round 3 Announcement!

The Minesquish Buildoff just wrapped up it's second round since returning, and we had a few awesome builds in this theme! The theme for this round was "Nature".

Our winner this round was... av5hadow!

Av5hadow built a single blade of grass, with a drop of dew just running off the edge of the blade, along with the dirt and soil surrounding the grass.

A Grass Blade

We had two runner-ups, all who showed some great improvement and skill! Special shout-out to SuperheroAA, who knows that foxes are the best thing about nature!

A Young Fox, by SuperheroAA A Young Fox

Cherry Blossom Tree, by Toady02 Cherry Blossom Tree

It was awesome to see everyone who participated show off their building skill, and improve along the way.


Our next theme will be "No Place like Home", and will run from August 26th to September 9th. We can't wait to see what you all build!

Buildoff Round 2!

The first Buildoff closed this last Sunday, with some awesome entries! The Space theme has been cleared from the Buildoff world to make space for our new theme.

The new theme for this round will be Nature, and the theme will run from today, August 12th to Monday, August 26th!

Go forth and build all your Nature-y ideas, from animals to scenic views, and we'll see you in two weeks!

Minesquish Buildoff - Space!

Minesquish's Buildoff made a return these past two weeks, with a Space themed competition! We had some cool builds this round, and while judging was difficult, we've selected one winner, who will receive a copy of The Maker's Eden!

Our winner this round was... TheBlueNinjaz!

The Lonely Star

We had three runner-ups, all who showed some great improvement and skill!

Alien Neighborhood, by Alireena Alien Neighborhood

Rocketship, by Pliploplip Rocketship

Space Monster, by nightninjaaa Space Slug

It was awesome to see everyone who participated show off their building skill, and improve along the way. Keep an eye out for our next theme, released tomorrow night, August 12!

The Buildoff Returns!

After a long break, the Indiesquish Buildoff returns!

Our Buildoff is a two to four week themed challenge where players build anything they think fits into the given theme for the challenge. At the end of the challenge period, our admin team judges the build and picks a winner, who's build is moved into our "museum" area, where it will permanently stay.

A past winner of the Buildoff challenge.

More past winners.

The Buildoff world not only houses the Buildoff challenge, but also has two other games for you and your friends to play! To the right of the gate lies a Spleef arena, an oldschool favorite. To the left, Squishionary! Our take on the board game, one person will randomly receive and build a specific object. The first person to guess it wins!


The Buildoff World is now open to everyone, and the first theme for the Buildoff will be "Space"!

You can access this world with the chat command /gb.

While the Buildoff competition does not normally award a "physical" prize, we wanted to kick things off with a bang! The chosen winner will receive a copy of The Maker's Eden, developed by Screwy Lightbulb.

Whether you're a veteran builder looking to impress, or a new player looking for some practice, be sure to give it a shot!

Server, Website, and Discord Updates

Hello, and welcome to our first blog post!

It's been awhile, and we're happy to announce that our Java Edition Minecraft server, Minesquish, is now running on version 1.14.4! We are still continuing on the world of Osiris, and there is plenty of space left for building, tons of exploring to do, and lots of secrets to find! The exploration world has been reset to version 1.14.4, and features a spawnpoint close (Maybe too close!) to a Pillager Outpost for you to conquer. Be sure to post pictures and chat along with us on our discord server. Good luck on your travels!

Our discord server underwent a small revamp recently, our website was updated with this brand new blog, and we've rehashed our Minesquish whitelist process alongside it. We hope these changes improve your experience with us, and we will continue to make improvements where we can.

When we started our little Minecraft server nearly nine years ago, we had no clue what was going to happen. We've built a lot of friendships and memories over the years, and we are so thankful to everyone who has come and who continue to play with us. Here's to many more years!

Spawn room in our 1.7.3 world, New Haven.