Server Rules & Information

Here are the rules for our family-friendly MineSquish Minecraft server. These rules must be followed at all times. Failure to do so will get you kicked and/or banned and removed from the whitelist. "I didn't know the rules" is not an acceptable excuse. The rules include, but are not limited to, the overall site rules which can be read here -

If you are a player on the server, you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to regularly check the MineSquish Forum - particularly News & Announcements, Access & Support and Chat & Media - to keep up to date with important updates on rule changes, bugs and general forum information that we post there.


  • No harsh swearing. Harsh swear words will get you banned immediately. Admins reserve the right to decide what is considered harsh.

  • No harassing players or admins.

  • Players may not manage any events or create any situation where they are giving orders to any of our other players. We are a community server - we play as a community.

  • No griefing. This includes, but is not limited to, tampering with another person's property, stealing, or attempting to kill a player. If you didn't build it, you don't touch it, unless you have permission from the owner (which we will verify).

  • No arguing with staff on the server. The staff are there to ensure that the environment on the server is fun and friendly and that the rules are maintained. If you feel something was handled unfairly, make a forum post.

  • Keep your MC account secure. Make sure that you are the only person who knows your Minecraft password, that it is a strong password, and that you change it regularly. The security of your account is your responsibility to maintain. If your account gets hacked or you leave your account logged in and someone else joins the server with your name, and any of the server rules are broken as a result, then your account will be banned.

  • Only one account per player is allowed, and each whitelisted account is to have only one player unless staff have been notified otherwise. If your sister plays on your account and breaks a rule, the account will be banned.

  • No asking for items, teleports, warp points, cuboided houses, free items or other hand-outs from staff.

  • No chat spam. Spam includes, but is not limited to, repeating sentences and/or splitting short sentences into several lines unnecessarily. Very occasional use of CAPS (typing in capital letters) is fine (for example, in using abbreviations like LOL or slipping the OCCASIONAL word into a sentence), but repeated and large-scale use of CAPS is not condoned and users will be kicked and, if necessary, banned for failure to heed warnings. This is to ensure that server chat, which can get very busy at times, is kept as clean and readable as possible.

  • No exploiting bugs or glitches. If you are caught, you will be banned. If you find a bug, please report it to staff.


  • Mob/XP Grinders are allowed as long as they aren't massive structures. Keep things streamlined and under control.

  • Farms are allowed as long as the number of animals kept in them is modest (consider the lag a player on a low spec system might get if they're in the chunk that your farm is on).



  • World is reset every two months

  • No build restrictions - build any size, towns are allowed, communal builds are allowed - but everything will be wiped every two months.


  • No snow golems. Iron golems ONLY if they are a part of a build

  • No void holes (holes that go through the bedrock)

  • No spawning animals or mobs

  • Griefing is still a bannable offense in the freebuild world


  • 1x1 columns ('noob towers') are not allowed as permanent structures. They will be removed if found.

  • 'Nature griefing' is not allowed on the main world. Examples include, but are not limited to; stripping a beach of sand right down to the rock without making the area pretty again afterwards, or leaving 'floating' trees instead of chopping the whole tree for the leaves to decay naturally. This is why we have the exploration world and you’re more than welcome to gather all your resources there.

  • No memorials are allowed anywhere on the server. We believe that if someone genuinely wishes to show their respects or commemorate an event, they should seek more sincere ways of doing so. Please remember that the Indie Squish community is a multi-national community with players of many different religions, views and philosophies; the staff will always strive to maintain a neutral playing environment so that everybody feels welcome and comfortable.

  • Vertical, one-block-wide shafts are potential death hazards to unsuspecting players and are discouraged. IndieSquish promotes safe mining practices - don't dig straight down, folks!


While the use of client-side mods and hacks is somewhat ambiguous, we would like to provide a basic rule to cover their use: if it gives you any advantage in playing the game that using the basic client doesn't provide, or if it modifies the mechanics of the game in any way, then it is considered cheating. The following use of client-side modifications and 'hacks' are not allowed and you will be banned if you use them:

  • Modifying your client or your computer to alter the way our servers interact with you.

  • Modifying your client, your computer or any game files to give you an atypical or unfair advantage.

How or why you use the mod/hack is irrelevant - if you use one, and it comes to our attention, then you will be banned.

Below is a list of acceptable mods. We believe these mods add a fun element to the game and when used innocently they will not cause problems. If you try to circumnavigate the capabilities of these mods to provide you with what moderators deem an unfair advantage, you will be banned. Again, if you have any questions, err on the side of caution and ask one of our moderators about it.


  • Standard texture packs

  • High resolution texture packs or mods

  • Any non-offensive player skin (using monster skins as your player skin is okay)

  • Lighting and sound mods

  • Mods that affect in-game chat

  • Mini-maps

  • Mods like Optifine that help increase performance on slow machines

  • TMI - players don't have access to /give or /i so those features of this mod won't work

  • Inventory Tweaks - all it does is reshuffles the inventory, which is fine

  • MineChat - this lets you connect to the server from a mobile device, to be able to talk in server chat.

Please note that the rules above may not cover every eventuality and the staff reserve the right to take action against players as and when we see fit.