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Elite Mobs - A New Way to Gear Up!

Gather your armor and weapons!

We recently added a new plugin to our server, called Elite Mobs. This is a fairly big step out of the ordinary for those familiar with Minesquish, as we've always tried to remain a "vanilla" server, one with little to no changes to the way the developers intend Minecraft to be played. We've decided to take a few steps to make the server more engaging and provide more to do for our players, with this all being part of the first stage.

If you're not familiar with Elite Mobs, it adds a progression system to combat and the weapons and armor you use. The better your armor is, the higher the level of the monsters spawning around you. The higher the level of the monsters, the more abilities they possess and better gear they drop when killed.

After you acquire some gear from various monsters, you can either equip it to increase your own level, or sell it to the Adventurer's Guild! You can find the guild in the North-West section of the spawn town, Halfmoon Harbor. When selling your gear, you'll receive special coins that can be used to buy more gear, or increase your rank with the Adventurer's Guild. Higher ranks bring better loot!

We've also made some changes to the Elite Mobs monsters, including:

  • The damage Elite monsters do to players has been lowered by 30%.
  • The damage players do to Elite monsters has been raised by 30%.

These changes should make the Elite monsters easier to dispose of for everyone on the server.

While adventuring in the Exploration world, you may come across some special enemies, including (but not limited to!):

  • The Zombie King! A fearsome foe from the depths of undeath, the Zombie King is clad in Gold armor and commands a group of undead. He possesses several abilities to fight any who wish to challenge the might of the undead horde.
  • Pumpkin Fiend Headhunter! An ever-present threat to the citizens of Minesquish, the Pumpkin Fiends have sent several headhunters to catch adventurers unawares. Equipped with an axe and shield, the Pumpkin Fiend Headhunter is ready to brawl.
  • Urajai, the Lost Soul! A haunted spirit that roams the icy plains, the Lost Soul freezes its enemies before unleashing a torrent of arrows.

More special encounters and monsters roam the Exploration world, looking for a fight! Loot and glory awaits!