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Time to get spooked! Halloween 2019

The sun is setting on the small village of Rostweald... and they've invited you to take part in the festivities! Join us from October 19th, to November 23rd, as we celebrate the season of scares, skeletons, and more!

Rostweald MASH tent

As you enter the square in Rostweald, you'll find villagers looking to trade, and plenty of events to keep you busy.

Spooky Golf

You'll find Rostweald's main attraction just North of the square, past the purpur bridge. Welcome to Spooky Golf! Play for points, and play for prizes! Each mini-golf hole is designed to give you a challenge, and maybe even a fright!

WB Rehab

Constructed nearly 10 years ago, WB Rehab was built to house and find new homes for all the crafting tables Indiesquish players found left out in the wilds. As players moved from one world to the next, the crafting tables in WB Rehab were left to sit in a now abandoned building. Will you help the restless crafting tables find their peace?


Many other creatures and ghouls lurk in the shadows, waiting for their chance to strike. Assist the citizens of Rostweald in returning these spirits and creatures back to the pit they came from and collect their treasures!

To get to the world of Rostweald, use the command /ge