Jetpack Jester – The IndieSquish #LD26 Jam Entry!

April 29, 2013 in Games by welshpixie

Jetpack Jester on Ludum Dare

Use WASD to move around. SPACE to jump and fly up, SHIFT to fly down. LEFT-MOUSE (Fire 1) to toggle the gravity beam. Hold down RIGHT-MOUSE (Fire 2) to mouse-rotate a currently beamed object.

titlescreen2The objective is to eliminate all the toys. Purchase toys and then stack them as high as you can. Stand on the red button to measure the stack height and how much you earn from it. Use your newly earned cash to buy more toys.

Rusty and Fonser were up until about 3am CEST (4am our time here in South Africa >.<) rushing to get the main gameplay finished and submit on time. The game isn’t as complete as we envisioned it and we’ll probably polish it up into a full game like we did with Lepton’s Quest, but you can see the basic game from the link above. It’s there for Windows, Mac, Linux and there’s a web version.

Big thanks to everyone who participated – I hope you all had fun!

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