Ludum Dare

This page will contain all of the information you need for participating in this weekend’s Ludum Dare event, as well as embedded videos and streams that are covering the event, all in one place!

INTRODUCTION VIDEO! (You need to watch this to know what you’re doing if you’re helping us this weekend)


Watch live video from welshpixie on



We will be using Mumble extensively to communicate during the event. For details on accessing our Mumble server, see this forum post:


To get to the building world on the Minesquish server, type: /ludumdare


We’ve hand-selected a pallette of blocks that will be the ONLY building blocks used during the event. They have been chosen for their colours, and any unsuitable blocks (in terms of colours or build-ability) have been removed. This pallette will be pasted into the world during the event, but here’s a preview:

FonserBC has very kindly (and skillfully!) made us both a texture pack AND a mod  for the Ludum Dare event. The texture pack replaces the blocks we’re using (in the top half of the picture above) with their representing colours (as in the bottom half of the picture above), and the mod provides an extra tab to the creative mode inventory that only has the above blocks in it.

You can grab the texture pack here –

And the mod here –

Drag the texture pack .zip file into your texture pack folder as normal. The mod download includes a readme file with instructions.





Some of the progress samples will go here.



The forest maze:





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