Lepton’s Quest

From 25 to 27 August 2012, IndieSquish entered the Ludum Dare game jam in which we had to make a game in 72 hours. The plan was to build all the scenes and characters in Minecraft, and then export the worlds for conversion to 3D models that could be animated for use in the game. The end result was to be its own thing, a sort of faux-voxel-art look not resembling anything in Minecraft.

Our original entry can be found here.

During the time after the competition, rusty added some of the missing content that we did not get to enter on time, and the final result is now ready. It’s still as linear as a stick, but it now contains a basic combat system and animated monsters.

Download the game!

Who made it?

Game Development:


Art Direction:

Intro / Outro:

Sound Effects:


Additional Tools (mod and texture pack):

afrca av5hadow awesomness1947 bobdza CPY1234 CreamMin DafyDay DanQ123 deanappelmans23 Farmer_Bo
Fonserbc Fraxire GuildedLens HopCount JP1976 kasperophof koalamad kongering Lepharian literarylogan
Lordcreeper3 Molybdene nidhux NitroCircusMC OutrageousMac PictureMonkey pookkah rstafferton rustybroomhandle
Ryski Sellaturcica ShadowClawFC shakdude smarty889 Syk_Cin Tdtsucks TheDaddyCreeper TheEvilOlives
TheKindKitten TheLastOhmsford TheLastSith TheMommaCreeper timhubert Unicorn_Vomit wedgehog95 WelshPixie

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  • http://indiesquish.com/members/ndhx/ ndhx

    Lepton’s Quest got a 13th place for graphics and a 25th place for audio! http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-24/?more=1

  • http://indiesquish.com/members/fonserbc/ fonserbc

    Love how it turned out!
    Awesome attack animations!

  • http://indiesquish.com/members/mcwbnitro/ mcwbnitro

    Glad to see I could actually help you guys for once. :L

  • http://indiesquish.com/members/shakdude/ shakdude


  • http://indiesquish.com/members/shakdude/ shakdude

    Hey Rusty! I finally got to try the game 😀 First of all, I think the animations for monsters are just FLAWLESS! I was actually very surprised. However, I experienced some freezing in transitions, and at a point near the entrance of the mountain, the game froze and I had to close the game. Is it just me or others too?

  • http://indiesquish.com/members/matthold/ matthold

    Amazing Game, the landscape are awesome!!! :))

  • http://indiesquish.com/members/itsdk/ itsdk

    I peronnaly think its really cool that a game like this can be made in just 72 hours.