Build Off Challenge #77 Butterfly

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Build Off Challenge #77 Butterfly

Postby kongering » Sun Aug 06, 2017 4:57 pm

Woot, buildoff looks so colourful and alive with all these beautiful butterflies around!
It was very hard deciding but we managed to pick one favourite:

“Minesquish Giant Butterfly Observatory” by Snugs
Neat idea! This observatory really gives the vibe of a butterfly garden, serene and colourful at the same time.

Now for the other builds in alphabetical order:
“Silly little butterflies” by 1Wolffan

“Rainbow Butterfly” by Alireena
This one is so colourful and happy, Great job!

“A fly with a piece of butter” by ASilentSloth
Clever and the fly is done well. We do love a pun!

“Butterfly” by CreeperX3sssBOOM
Love the colors! The eyes are awesome, but it looks like a bit more like a moth than butterfly.

“Katey_Cat’s New Pokemon” by Katey_Cat
Another fun build, we do love our Pokemon, would have loved to seen larger wings, the colours are spot-on!

“Testing fase” by Rakzis
The flower and the bright colours are nice, however this feels like an unfinished build? Also due to the name of testing fase ;)

“Butterfly” by Scarlet166
The antenna’s are cute, nice use of materials all over, the flower looks good too.
Good shape to your butterfly’s wings. Very cute!

“Butter-fly” by screamingnoises
Another clever word play, the antenna’s and eyes are very cute!

“The Butterfly Effect” by SuperheroAA
Good try on your idea; we like original thinking! Hard to explain this concept though. Nice butterfly!

“Ant Sized Wonder” by X_FlowerPower_X
It's very cute how the butterfly is drinking from the flower. Ants are too cute and the grass is nicely done!

“The Catcher” by YellowPie84
Nice work, the net is done very well. Would have loved to see more butterflies all around your guy; that would have been so cool!

Great work everybody, good builds all around!
Thanks for participating and cya next buildoff! :)

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Re: Build Off Challenge #77 Butterfly

Postby avSloth » Sun Aug 06, 2017 10:34 pm

Good work, everyone! I like it how that most of the entries aren't just butterflies, flying around in the sky but instead have things that are related to butterflies, or the word itself.
And congrats, Snugs! I was really impressed by your build and its size.

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Re: Build Off Challenge #77 Butterfly

Postby Snugs » Thu Aug 10, 2017 12:50 am

The builds this time around were all unique! I had a great time exploring them all :D
- Snugs


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