Build Off Challenge #71 - "Mini Game"

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Build Off Challenge #71 - "Mini Game"

Postby kongering » Mon Sep 26, 2016 11:09 am

Hi guys,

It's awesome to see how creative you guys were during this challenge! We had a blast trying all your games out, so thanks in advance for that! :D
Now let's move onto the most favourite game this buildoff:

"Iceboat" by CreeperX3sssBOOM
Game concept: You are in a boat on ice and have to shoot out the other players.

The arena could have been more buildwise, but the concept is great, it's a lot of fun to glide over the ice in a boat: you go very fast but with little control. We even made tagteams of 2 players in a boat to double the fun.
Lepharian has the idea of making a race track based of your game principle and I really want to turn it into a large arena/maze, so we'll make good use of your idea! :D (I cannot forsee atm when Lepharian and myself will have the time to make this, so bear with us ;) )

Now for the rest of the fun games! (in alphabetical order)

“JUMPAKAZOO!” by CosmicDonut
Game concept: Parkours game with slime blocks and redstone (and loads of lava).

What makes this parkours a lot of fun is the use of slime blocks, they give you a big boost but also makes controlling the jumps a lot harder, good job!
The green works well with the orange of the lava and all the redstone is neatly packed away and a big plus for making the off button since this would have the potential of a lagmachine for sure :)

“The Towers” by _EmilyHurricane_
Game concept: Build to the top as fast as you can with random provided blocks.

This was fun also, feels like it could be polished a bit more by automating it somehow (my redstone skills are insufficient but I'm sure others can work that out), but it was fun to race to the top when we played with 4 players.
One thing we really felt was lacking was some form of buzzer for the first one to reach the top. And fireworks according to Pook: "Everything’s better with fireworks!". It's a very colourful happy build which works well with the building principle, great job!

“Triple Jump” (this build was titleless, so I gave it one) by KidAwesomeTwo
Game concept: Jump game

This was the hardest one by far, none of us could jump all 3 and make it to the other side, one player did manage to get to the other side by jumping 2 blocks and then over. It feels a little unfinished still, also because it was titleless and not fully build. We would have loved an 'off' button for the redstone, but maybe that was something that was still in the making.

“Temple of Doom!” by Koeki
Game concept: Jumpy Puzzler

This game is also unfinished, but we could see what the idea was. The mossy cobblestone works well for this type of game and we can see this game being a lot of fun if it was finished and on a much larger scale (think dungeon size)!

“Lamp Lighters” by _SansBlueberry_
Game concept: Musical Chair with lamps

We all felt it needs a lil more to be a full game, the way you are randomizing is awesome and clever, but it could have used some more motion to really feel like a finished game.
For example: you could have had a disco floor with lamps and people would have to run to the lamps after pressing the button (with timer), just to get a little more action in. Good try tho!

“Bunny Brawl” by YellowPie84
Game concept: Team carrot smacking

We all loved the look of this game, it's so sweet, cute and vibrant! The game itself was not worked out completely we feel, during walking around you break a lot of your own carrots and we were unsure on how to drop our carrots (did it have a counter for each team?)
Another thing we loved is that it's a farming game! A very different concept and that is refreshing.

You guys have given us a lot of inspiration, so we might end up using some of your ideas (whenever we find the time to make more mini-games for the server!) Thanks everybody for participating and cya next buildoff!

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