Build Off Challenge #67 - "Purple"

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Build Off Challenge #67 - "Purple"

Postby kongering » Sun Jun 05, 2016 6:37 pm

Hi guys,

Again not many entries, but very happy to see 8 out of the 11 entries finished \o/
Let’s get right into it!

Our favourite this week:
“Purple Alien Invasion” by xX_ExoScout_Xx
What we really like about it is that it is so action filled, you really tell a story in such a small build :) We like the use of other blocks to make the purple stand out more. And it’s got a lot of detail for a not so big build. Tip: With the prospect of sounding vague, would love to see you take this building style to the next level.

Now to the other finished builds reviews! (in alphabetical order):

“The Grand Tree” by 1wolffan
It’s grand alright ;) It’s a big beautiful tree, we love the use of different colours for the leaves, the hanging posts give it a nostalgic, but lil sad feeling :) Tip: The foliage feels a lil small compared to the tree trunk.

“Purple Tower” by DuckletShwag
You might not have given it a name, but to us it looks like a very pretty purple tower. Love the combination of colour and texture, the pillars are nicely detailed and the spires all over are great. Tip: We feel it might be have been more elegant if the tower (or maybe shrine as Pook called it) was more elevated, more stretched out into the sky.

“Purple Emporium” by EmilyHurricane
Another beautiful and very detailed build :) Love the use of all the different blocks, nice play on texture and colour. Tip: Although always great to view we’ve seen this type of build from you before, would love to see you tackle something new. (Not bored with it at all, just giving a tip!)

“Jelly Fox” by FriskTheDragon/PixelKoala
A very nice looking pixel art! I like the use of colour, it’s different :) The white lining gives it almost a glow, noice! Oh and it’s cute :) Tip: We prefer (although this might just be our personal preference) to see pixel art standing up, with loads of free space around it to really enjoy it :)

“Book of Enchantments” by Kittenz_
You’ve thought out of the box and that is fantastic in our opinion :) We love how you only limit the purple to the enchant which is the eyecatcher of this build, well done! Tip: Would have loved to see a little bit more to add onto the build, a little more elaboration.

“Purple Asteriod” by Lizzy<3Draws
This overload of purple warmed Pook’s heart ;) It’s a great asteroid, it’s very believable it will crash into the ground anytime! The different purples work good together. Tip: Would have loved to see a little more, what is the asteroid crashing into?

“A peck of purple Pokemon” by YellowPie84
Another great looking pixelart! What’s really good is that I can name the pokemon you’ve drawn, so it’s detailed enough! They are cute and bright. Tip: Is the same as for the other pixelart, would have loved to see them upright, maybe more in a display sort of style since you’ve build 4 of them!

So that’s all the reviews for this buildoff! Our favourite received 3 builders points and the other reviewed builds all received one point each. We’ve added tips this time, these are not meant to be cruel or hurtful in any way, they are meant as encouraging pointers. If you guys rather not have those, please let us know in the comments!

Thanks for participating and cya next time!

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Re: Build Off Challenge #67 - "Purple"

Postby Pookkah » Sun Jun 05, 2016 6:40 pm



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Re: Build Off Challenge #67 - "Purple"

Postby DuckletShwag » Sun Jun 05, 2016 8:39 pm

SO MUCH PURPLE! (And thanks for the tips! I'll try to improve on them in the future!)
This is DuckletShwag signing off...
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Re: Build Off Challenge #67 - "Purple"

Postby lizzykate » Sun Jun 05, 2016 10:13 pm

Thank you for the tip, I would've added more but I unfortunately did not have as much time ask had wished for. :)
And Goodnight/Morning to you Minesquishers!!! Hope to see you all on the server!! :D

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Re: Build Off Challenge #67 - "Purple"

Postby 1wolffan » Mon Jun 06, 2016 5:13 am

Tip: The foliage feels a lil small compared to the tree trunk.
Oh sure... bring LOGic into it. See if I care. ;)

Just kidding, I was thinking about making it bigger, but the bigger I started to build it, the fuzzier it started looking. Didn't look like a proper tree anymore. Iz weird. Anyways. Glad everyone enjoyed this build off and look forward to more. :)
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