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Build Off Challenge #69 - "Motion"

Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2016 10:57 pm
by kongering
Ooooh what a nice selection of different builds, love it!

Let's get to the review!

Our favourite this theme is:
“Late” by _SansBlueberry_
The motion is strong in this one! We love the arc of the body, the way the arms and legs extend and the hair flies out behind, very dynamic!
We can definitely see she is in a hurry to get somewhere!

And now for the rest of the finished builds (in alphabetical order):
“Escape into the Alleys” by AMinecraftMaster
It fits the Motion theme very well! We love how the glass breaks and shatters outwards. The figure is really flying through!
Tip: it would have been nice to have a lil more background/surrounding and the door feels a bit small proportional, but great build otherwise! :)

“Motion Crayons” by Chiprock2
The crayons look great and the red one exploding is very well done. Looks awesome!
We are a bit confused about the position of the ball/bullet. Not sure how it would get there without touching the other crayons. ;)

“The USS Enterprise at High-Warp” by CosmicDonut
What a nice surprise, space motion! Cool! You can tell it is in motion. Like it’s about to poooof! and disappear!
Even tho it’s not big, you can see that it’s the Enterprise, good job on that.
Love the speed lines, it’s very well executed overall.

“Ride around the Blablasorus” by CreeperX3
It's a fun ride that ends where it starts too. The pillars look fancy and make the build more elegant. Good job :)
Tip: The dino bone theme could be even more awesome if it were expanded. More bones lying around or additional dinos instead of just the one?

“Summer Bike Ride” by _EmilyHurricane_
Another beautiful detailed build, very well planned out, very nice execution.
Lots of motion with the hair and the flowers falling out the back! Great job :)

“Dance Class” by Kittenz_
Cute ballerina! Built very nicely! It’s very elegant, love the tutu :D
The jukebox makes a nice contrast with the figure.
Tip: Since you picked a dance move, you could have tried one that is a bit more dynamic, but very nice build overall! :)

“The Box of Water” by YellowPie84
We love this water ride, endless motion \o/ Love that you came up with this idea and it works very well too!
Tip: The outside box is a bit bland, you could have done more with that :)

We have 2 builds unfinished/not signed:
“Windmill” by TJNinja & Jomo, too bad it was unfinished, showed good potential!
“Blue Rollercoaster” by UnicornPink123, nice ride so far, but cannot tell if it is finished, also because it did not have a sign.

Thanks so much for participating \o/ Cya next buildoff!

Re: Build Off Challenge #69 - "Motion"

Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2016 11:03 pm
by Pookkah
Great job once again, everyone! We love seeing what you all come up with!


Re: Build Off Challenge #69 - "Motion"

Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2016 11:52 pm
by AMinecraftMaster
I realized how badly I'd messed up the proportions after starting to build the window and decided to roll with it. Nice to do a buildoff after such a long time!

Re: Build Off Challenge #69 - "Motion"

Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2016 12:25 am
by Pookkah
Great to have you build this time, AMM! :D