Build Off Challenge #68 - "Upside Down"

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Build Off Challenge #68 - "Upside Down"

Postby kongering » Sun Jul 03, 2016 7:58 pm

Wow, I don't think we've had this many entries finished in quite some time, great job guys \o/
Let's get to the review then shall we? :)

Our favourite this buildoff is:
"Giant Attack" by EmilyHurricane
It's a clever idea and we love that you give the house a reason to be upside down!
It's a very good build, the combination between organic and architectural works really well. It's also dynamic and strong.
The water effects and the "destruction" look great! We feel there is not a lot more you could have done to improve this build, it would have been great to see it bigger or more of it is the only thing we can think of :)

And now for the others in alphabetical order!
"Taking inventory" by 1Wolffan
This was not a real entry but more of a joke if I understand correctly, but we still iked it :D
"It’s funny! The sign written backwards made me laugh!" says Pook and I will add that I'm glad you put the translation behind it ;)
I do really like how all the blocks look together!

"Pre-re-spawn" by Artemeus and LexiconausRex
Another very cool, out of the box idea! We love how you guys give a reason to being upside down.
The spirit coming back into the body after they have died in game is a neat idea.
It's also executed very well and the ghostly appearance works well.
One tip: it's a good, but a bit of a static build, would love have love to have seen a lil more dynamic in there :)

"The Bunny Revamped" by BoltRocks
And another out of the box idea! I love how creative you guys are in thinking!
This one is executed nicely, very nice to see a full bunny made, with a very cute tail :)
We would have loved to see a "reason" for the bunny and hat to be upside down and the fact it was off-centre made some of us itch a bit :P But a very nice build otherwise!

"Abduction" by CosmicDonut
It's a nicely build upside down house, but with a title like that we were kinda expecting/hoping to see some abduction beam or aliens around :)
We like the withered look of it with the vines, looks great :) Also the ground above the house is shaped very nicely and natural!

“Overtale” by CreeperX3sssBoom
We love the title joke! But would have loved to see more done with it building wise.
The build is really fitting of the game "Undertale", but if you don't know Undertale it can be a bit underwhelming build.
We really like the different thinking tho, good try!

"Upside Down House" by DuckletShwag
(I didn't write down your title and could not remember, sorry!)
It's a very well executed house, we love that it's "correctly" decorated for an upside down house :) (aka against the ceiling)
Colour scheme works nice with the build. Only downside is that we have seen this building style of you before and would love to see you either take it further to the next level or try something new :) NOT saying we are bored with it and you are very good in this style!

"Upside Down Ship" by GibbyGibbsons
It's very impressive, due to it's size but also because it's well build! We do feel the build would have benefited from a "reason" to be upside down.
We would have loved to see some tossed around cargo inside as it no doubt would have been tossed when turning upside down ;)
Your build is def a big eyecatcher, must have taken some time to build aswell :D

"Upside Down Trouble" by LizzyHeartDraws
It’s more dynamic than the the other single upside down houses, we get the feeling it’s falling and gonna crash, but would have like a reason for that “falling”. The colour scheme is very pleasant on the eye and the torned edges of the earth look great! Good job :)

"Bye! bye! John!" by RosieRed005
HAHAHAHAHA This idea/build made us all laugh! We really like the more minimalistic style of the build, but it's still very good in expressing it's meaning! It's also very cute ;) It's blocky but yet very dynamic, nice!

"Bat" by Scarlet166
That bat is sooo cute! <3 Love the thought behind this, it's a very natural reason for being upside down!
The rock and branch feel a lil small compared to the bat, but they look nice :)

"Who Spilled the Tea?" by Snugs
This is another clever and fun idea! Very well executed too. The tea is great. We do, of course, understand that you won't have a lot of time to build with school and all but the the thing we thought could have really worked good for it would have been to have added more scenery, for example the table the cup fell off from. Congrats on finishing with such a cute build! :)

"Zombie" by UnicornPink123
We are not sure this build was fully finished but decided to include it anyway since it felt very close to being complete.
The zombie is nice, the brains falling out are very funny! Next time please leave a sign with your name tho! And we would have loved to see a reason for the zombie being upside down :)

"Same House, Different Homes" by YellowPie84
Another very creative thought, the upside down comes from being mirrored, but not exactly mirrored, it's like one part is light and the other part is dark, cool! Right now the build feels like it's been clean cut out of a rock, would have been nice to see a lil more natural terrain, but very interesting idea and build! :)

Wow, well that was it, thank you all for your creative minds and participating!
One important note tho: From now on, if you do not have a sign with your name (and title if you want) near or on your build we will consider it NOT finished and will not review it! :)
Cya next buildoff!

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Re: Build Off Challenge #68 - "Upside Down"

Postby LexiconausRex » Tue Jul 05, 2016 6:55 pm

Hello! Thanks for the review and kind words. It was a fun build idea - Artemeus started and I just followed his lead. I like the new judging format, btw.
Thanks again,
LexiconausRex :)

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Re: Build Off Challenge #68 - "Upside Down"

Postby DuckletShwag » Sat Jul 09, 2016 11:14 am

You put a lot of work into writing the reviews for the build-off forum page, and I really am grateful for that. Thanks for the review. I'll try and change my next build up a bit from the usual :)
This is DuckletShwag signing off...
P.S Check out my youtube channel at:
~Shwag out

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Re: Build Off Challenge #68 - "Upside Down"

Postby 1wolffan » Sat Jul 09, 2016 9:31 pm

"Taking inventory" by 1Wolffan
(img link here)
This was not a real entry but more of a joke if I understand correctly, but we still iked it :D
Yes, it was definitely a joke. I just had the silly idea, chuckled inwardly as I built it, in like 20-ish minutes...
Then realized it actually didn't look too horrid. ;) LOL
Always Mischievous,
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