Build Off Challenge #76 Treehouse

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Build Off Challenge #76 Treehouse

Postby kongering » Sun Jul 09, 2017 8:38 pm

Yay, so many cool entries, what an awesome sight!
since we liked so many of the entries we have 5 (!) favourites this time!

Here are the favourites in alphabetical order:
“Reclamation” by ASilentSloth
We really liked the idea behind this withered house with a tree growing through it, it's nicely executed and the overall tree looks nice and balanced.

“Treehouse” by Chiprock2
It feels very natural in deco and build, the house integrates really well with the tree. The tree has a nice shape to it.

“A Survivalists First House” by Ghost_Suitcase
The house is very nicely integrated into the tree. The big open windows are great; you can see a good distance with them!

“Treehouse of the future” by Insi
The modern theme is very well executed in both overall build and decoration. Cobwebs as leaves are a great idea, they give a quite a mystical effect. Really a stand-out!

“A Tree House” by Snugs
We like the way the house is build into the foundation of the tree. The detail is all over and it’s very cute. One of the few with a garden; it looks homey.

Thanks so much for participating everybody and we'll see you next buildoff!

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Re: Build Off Challenge #76 Treehouse

Postby Pookkah » Sun Jul 09, 2017 8:40 pm

Congrats to everyone! Another hard one to choose favorites for. We loved how many participated this time around. Hope it continues! :D


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