Build Off Challenge #73 - "Golf Hole Design"

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Build Off Challenge #73 - "Golf Hole Design"

Postby kongering » Sun Dec 18, 2016 10:53 pm

We had not many entries but all of them were very different and interesting!

This time we have 2 favourites!

"Windmill course" by DuckletShwag
We love how it fits to the theme we already have on the golf course, but still adds to it by making it a very recognizable mini golf course!
Looks good, cannot wait to play this course :)

"Graveyard course" by Scarlet166
The graveyard theme comes across very well, it''s spooky and still a golf course!
Cannot wait to play this course!

We also had 2 other interesting entries but those were left a bit unfinished (in our opinion) which we won't judge, but I do want to show in pictures here :) :

We realize it's not a big review this time, but that's more due to the nature of the theme! We loved your builds, so thanks for participating and cya next buildoff!

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