Build Off Challenge #72 - "Chinese Dragon"

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Build Off Challenge #72 - "Chinese Dragon"

Postby kongering » Sun Nov 06, 2016 7:27 pm

First off: our apologies, we were 2 weeks delayed with the judging due to RL business and the Oktoberfest :)

Woow, what a cool looking bunch of dragons have we found ourselves in buildoff this time!
Let's quickly get to the judging shall we?

Our favourite this time:
"Chinese Dragon" by Scarlet166
This is a really nice build! The colours all go very well together and it has a lot of the cool characteristics of a chinese dragon: whiskers, elongated snake like body, blocky and those nails look really sharp and ready for a fight.
Also the use of panes and rods above the scales is a nice effect.

Now for the rest of the finished builds (in alphabetical order):
“The Dragon” by _Bill_Cipher__ (aka _Goat_Mom)
Another great dragon with a lot of great ideas: the curling of the elongated body works really well, also a very clever use of the pupil, feels like it's following you. We feel it could have use a bit more colour variation to make it pop more, but very good build!

“Red and Blue Dragon” by JazWolfBlood
Good effort on your first buildoff entry! It's a cute red and blue dragon! The tail curling around the leg gives it some dynamic, but it could have been filled out some more, arms etc., to make it a bit more fierce, still nice job!

“Kawaii Dragon” by Katey_Cat and XManKirby
It's a nice Asian scene with a lot of elements, the dragon is very cute (Kawaii!) with rails down the back to mark the scales. Good job!

“Black Dragon” by KidAwesomeTwo
We love the simplicity of this one! It reminds us of Native American art.
With the use of simple lines you make a strong looking dragon, great build :)

“Chinese Dragon Skin” by mummywummy
You've taken the theme in a new direction, nice :)
Great use of material, it works/blends really well together.
We like how the skin has a lot of chinese dragon characteristics: scales down the back, nice appendages on the head and so on. Good build!

“Baby Chinese Dragon” by SuperheroAA
Good job! We really like the claws and the eyes, clever use of banners. It has a cute face on it! Nice build.

“Micro Dragon” by YellowPie84
It's Micro allright :) It's a very cute Asian themed scene with a tiny dragon up top!
We really like that it's so tiny but at the same time it's hard to make out what way the dragon curls, still a great build!

That was it for this theme, thank you all for participating and hope to see you next buildoff!

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