Build Off Challenge #70 - "Hidden Treasure Room"

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Build Off Challenge #70 - "Hidden Treasure Room"

Postby kongering » Sun Aug 28, 2016 4:09 pm

Oh wow, what a great look of builds all around :)
First off: Due to Kong being a bit of messyhead with her wedding next week we have no pictures of the builds other than the favourite this week, I'm very sorry!

Let's get into it!
Our favourite this week is:
"“The Book Case” by HoiImSYDNEH and CANADIAN_PIE
Looks like you have put a lot of thought in this build, even before starting the build. The Book Case itself looks great, the way all the books are different sizes and positioned in different ways looks good! Some of the titles really cracked us up :D The figure looks good, is nicely balanced. We like the treasure chest in the back with the real treasure in it very suiting to the build! Good job guys :)

Our other (photographless) finished builds this week are (in alphabetical order):
“Lara Croft Jumping for Treasure” by CreeperX3
It’s 2 builds in one, it’s different and that's good. On the one hand we have a parkour track (would have been nice if that would lead us somewhere) and on the other we have a build. The action in Lara is great. We're hoping she makes it and doesn’t end up like the skellie at the bottom! Only tip is that Lara could have used some hair :P

“The Secret Staff” by _SansBlueberry_
It’s a nice set dressed overview, it’s def an alchemy station, it’s nice to see someone take the theme into a different direction.
The spell is very cool, we can see the motion in it. The treasure box is empty however, did the spell take the loot already?

“Treasure in the Attic” by TheBlueNinjaz
This is a nice build! I like the fact it’s a gloomy dark attic until you take a night-vision potion and can go explore, with the scale being as it is you really feel like a mice exploring all the nooks and cranny's. It's great!

“Completely Inconspicious Waterfall” by YellowPie84
This build fits this theme perfectly, it’s cute, well hidden, has treasure and a trap you have to turn off.
The only downside is that it would have been greater if it was a bit more elaborate, but good build!

We also counted 3 unfinished/unnamed builds, so thanks for participating everyone and we hope to see you next buildoff!

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