is the terriariaa server working

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is the terriariaa server working

Postby calhome » Sat Apr 30, 2016 8:52 pm

the server is broken for terraria it says connecting to ip:port and never connects

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Re: is the terriariaa server working

Postby Redcondor123 » Sat May 28, 2016 6:13 pm

i don't think so. IndieSquish has really gone down hill. The admins say the are working, but really are not. I really wish this could be the community it used to be. Maybe they will realize this and fix it.
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Re: is the terriariaa server working

Postby Fauxx » Sun May 29, 2016 3:09 am

Hey, I understand the frustration in seeing Indiesquish not offering as much as we used to, or some of us not being as we were in the past. I remember days, a very, very long time ago, when a weekday could see 20 people on our server at once. This was nearly six years ago, when we were still under the name "Minecraft Workbench". During that time, the only events I recall were some spleef tournaments and the occasional "spawn" party where we dropped about 200 zombies somewhere and watched the chaos. Minecraft itself was still in the early stages then. Our very first server launched somewhere near the end of January, 2011. You can actually see the announcement for our server on a snapshot of our old website, here, ...

Over the years, a lot has changed. Both on the server and in minecraft. We have offered events and fun games on the server, and they were always received by lots of players looking for fun in a game, or a challenge in an adventure. Minecraft updates have always been a very busy time for us as well, with lots of players looking to try out the new blocks and features. Our most recent event saw very little activity, compared to most of them, but I'm seeing that as an outlier, to better the next one that will happen.

Our server has always been a vanilla survival server, with the exception of the handy /home command. I know that some people do think that gets old, but that's okay. Minecraft is about seven years old. For a game to be this old and still have the playerbase it does is absolutely incredible.

Lately, more and more, as I watch the server chat, I see people wanting minigames. Minigames are something that our server does not focus on, but we have, in the past, made them. The Cathedral survival map, Ships Kaboom, the dojo, Five Nights at Freddy's, etc. These are all things that have focused on combat and a certain level of skill. Skill in fighting, cannon-making, not getting freaked out by that totally weird noise that some of the animatronics make.

Most were fine with the various combat associated minigames, although a few wanted something different, and I agree, change can be a good thing after you have the same pattern over and over again. However, what we did not anticipate having a big of an impact as it did, were the changes to the actual Minecraft combat system. The reception of those mechanics was very mixed, and there are those who embrace the change. But for every person who is okay with change, there is always those who are not. When the majority of our events are combat related, it can create a challenge when there is a sudden and complete lack of interest in doing them.

Now, getting all that out of the way, I will address the actual topic of the Terraria server. Both Terraria and Starbound have been down since about early February. There is no forum post acknowledging this, which should've been done, but it wasn't. The Starbound server went down because there was a problem with the game itself when trying to load a server on a Linux machine. The Terraria server is down because we went through a bit of a shake-up in late January where we moved our dedicated server responsible for hosting all of our content. This new server has an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage, we could utilize straight away. The disadvantage has yet to be seen, mostly because those of us responsible for seeing it have had a lot going on in real life and haven't had the opportunity. I'm not sure who could be saying the server is working, but no, as of right now, it isn't. I will look into the server in the coming days though.

Lastly, addressing the community. Our environment has been the same for the last six years. We have always been a family friendly, vanilla survival, minecraft-centered community that tries to keep a nice gaming experience for all. The community is made of the players. We admins are also players here, just a little bit more busy than most. The players are what make the community what it is. I have realized this multiple times, and I can not just fix it.

I will look into the situation with the Terraria server, but I can't promise anything until I've looked at it closer.

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Re: is the terriariaa server working

Postby AMinecraftMaster » Sun May 29, 2016 4:34 am

Bravo on that wall of text, Fauxx!

I think that any result of IndieSquish "going downhill" is due to the community itself, like Fauxx said. Peoples' interests change over time - I don't play Minecraft as frequently as I used to and I rarely get on the server because of a creative block. (I need to work on getting past those.)

I think there is room for IndieSquish to move into different games (I think we had a King Arthur's Gold server once) and I'd be excited to see where that would go, but we'll have to see what the future will hold. I'd be more than willing to host a server for the community if I had the money, but I don't really have much -- being a teenager makes any source of income slow and unstable.

Anyway, I'd like to thank all the admins and the owners, mods, and whatnot for helping to make the community a safe place with lots of fun events (DOOOOOOM) and things to do. I've been a member since the MCWB days and I hope to stay a member in some capacity in years to come. :)
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