New map rolled on TerraSquish

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New map rolled on TerraSquish

Postby Fauxx » Sun Jun 18, 2017 6:48 pm

When reviving the server, I listed it on a few server lists for Terraria. This brought in griefers that did a lot of damage that wasn't able to be rolled back. I've started a new map, and removed our server from those lists. Listing our server was intended to bring in more people who wanted a place to play alongside those of us who play games to relax and to have fun with friends. Going forward, these are still the goals of the server, however we won't be bringing in any new people from those sources.

I've also put a password on the server, which will change each month along with the map on the server. For the rest of June, the server will be on expert mode, however, starting in July we'll be starting a hard mode map. These will alternate monthly for those who want or don't want the challenge.

To sum it all up:
  1. Monthly Map Resets
  2. Monthly, Alternating Difficulties
  3. Server is now Password Protected

The password for this month is "Fossil".

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