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Community Helpers

Postby WelshPixie » Sun Dec 21, 2014 8:03 pm

Community Helpers are members who've been with us for a while, who know the general rules, regulations and 'vibes' of the community, what's tolerated and what's not, and how to get around and correctly and respectfully help our other members. As with all of our positions, there are no applications, and if you ask, you won't get.

The Helpers will be the people who help us with housekeeping on the forums - answering the questions we get a lot, showing people how to do things and where to find things, deleting/moving/merging/splicing posts, that kind of thing. They'll also help out on the server, checking griefs, warning for rule-breakings and helping answering questions. Making the admin's jobs easier ^.^

Community Helpers show as Helpers on the forum with a blue usernames and the 'Community Helper' rank.
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