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The Weekly Squish - Issue #2

Posted: Tue Jun 20, 2017 5:09 am
by Fauxx
Welcome back, everyone, to the second issue of the Weekly Squish! This week brings some a new featured build, a small teaser, and another game giveaway!
Buildoff is off to a great start this month, with several tree houses already being built! You'll have until July 9th to finish up your tree house. Any more information on the buildoff can be found on the Buildoff Topic.
Terraria & Starbound
Our Terraria and Starbound servers have survived their first week, and Fauxx has only had to put out several small fires, none of which consumed the entirety of his sanity, so we're off to a great start! Starbound has been very stable over the last week, but Terraria is being worked on almost daily, so please bear with us as we troubleshoot any problems that may arise. Any more information can be found in their specific sub-forums.
Featured Build
In each issue of the Weekly Squish, we're going to be taking a look at one build on the Minesquish server. These builds may not always be complete, but the creativity behind them is what we really want to shine a light on. Over the course of the week, if you see a build you'd like to be featured, or would like to submit your own, let us know! You can contact Fauxx here on the forums or on our Discord chat. He checks both more than he probably should in a day. This week's featured build is brought to us by Chiprock2. His yacht, "The Serenity"!


Chiprock2 posted a forum topic here, featuring several screenshots that I'll post here, along with some of his thoughts.

Normally I'm not a huge fan of builds that have no texture to them, however one genre it does work quite well for is ultra modern, and so with that I decided I would challenge myself to build within that theme, one that I have developed a huge interest in over the past few years, but never actually got around to building anything major for.
Again, if you'd like to talk to Fauxx about having your build featured, send him a PM here or on Discord. We're featuring one build a week, and would love to show off yours!

Dark Rumblings
As we all settle in to Greenleaf to start our new life, rumors have started to buzz around the great Willowshome. Talk of a skull, large and intimidating, carved into a mountainside, spreads among the denizens of Greenleaf. No one is sure who built it, or what treasures and monsters may lie in wait in the depths of the cave.

Lastly, we will be holding a giveaway for a copy of the Plants VS. Zombies GOTY! This giveaway will end on Sunday, June 25th, at midnight CST. There's nothing special to do to enter this giveaway, just leave a post below and you'll be entered into the drawing! You must have a steam account to redeem this prize.

Re: The Weekly Squish - Issue #2

Posted: Fri Jun 23, 2017 4:41 pm
by CreeperX3sssBOOM
I'm a derp :P

Re: The Weekly Squish - Issue #2

Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2017 5:08 pm
by Fauxx
Congrats Creeper! You can add me on steam and I'll send the prize your way.

My username is fauxx_squish.