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MineSquish Guide for Parents and their Young Children

Posted: Sun Dec 21, 2014 8:24 pm
by WelshPixie
Originally posted by Kongering :)
The difference between Single Player Minecraft (also known as SSP) and Multi Player Minecraft (aka SMP) on the IndieSquish server.
A Guide for Parents and their young children.

There are many, many differences between those two and we'll try to list them all as best as we can:

1. Other People
The biggest difference (and probably the reason for joining) is you'll be playing with other people.
This means behaving in a manner you normally would: be polite, no shouting, asking instead of demanding, normal stuff. But it also means it's not okay to just go into someone's home uninvited, even if the door is open, nor looking in people's chests. This is considered rude. Taking something or breaking something from another person without their permission will get you banned. It's easiest to simply follow: "If you didn't build it/place it, don't touch it!"

You'll also notice a chat coming by in your window with other people talking, you can join by pressing "T" (type what you want to say and press enter). In the chat it is also very important to be polite, a chat can go really fast if a lot of people are on, so it may take awhile for your question to be answered. Patience will go a long way: being very rude, swearing or repeatedly asking or saying the same thing or just saying nonsense (spamming) will be considered very disruptive by the other players. An admin (recognizable by their red name in text) or helper (orange name) will act accordingly on this either by a kick (temporary leave) or by a ban (permanent leave) from the server.

Another thing about the chat that is important: Please answer when spoken to, especially if it's an admin or helper :)

2. Worlds
In your single player game you have one world you play in, if you grow tired of a spot, you pack up and move on. Or if you prefer to just build in creative mode you make a new world and go wild on there. On IndieSquish it's a bit different, we have more than one world. When you first join after being whitelisted, you "spawn" (appear) in our main world called "Greenleaf" and you will be in survival mode. You spawn in our temple, we have 3 ways from there to get into the world: 1: take the waterfall coming down from the Koi Statue, 2: take the long route via the beautiful gardens and 3: take the stairs down. The stairs also take you to the crafting and enchanting rooms.

Greenleaf is just one of our worlds, you can use commands (type them in the chat) to get to other worlds:
Freebuild: our creative world where you can build freely, type: /go freebuild or /gf
Exploration: our main resource gathering world, type: /go exporation or /gx
Buildoff: our buildoff competition world, type: /go buildoff or /gb
Bigbuild: our world for special builds, type: /go bigbuild or /gbb
To get back to Greenleaf, type: /halp

Another thing you will not have on your SSP world is a border. Most of our worlds have a border surrounding them, you cannot travel past it and will be bounced back. This is to prevent our players from traveling too far and creating a huge world that way, which will cause Minecraft to run less smooth than it should (lag).

3. Commands
In your single player game you have certain commands (if you have the cheat mode on). For instance you can change the time with a command, teleport to certain coordinates or change your gamemode from creative to survival and vice versa. On the IndieSquish Multiplayer server you do not have access to those commands. You are in creative mode on the freebuild and buildoff worlds and in survival mode on the other worlds. Admins (red names) and MasterBuilders (green names) will have the ability to change their gamemode to creative, Donators (cyan blue names) and players cannot. Admins can set the time to day in freebuild and buildoff worlds for you when asked nicely, the other worlds will have a day and night cycle to keep the experience of survival as real as possible for our players. Regarding Teleporting (aka TP-ing) that is something only admins can do, so they can TP to players to help them out. Admins will not TP players around the worlds.

We have other commands you can use that you probably will not have on your single player world, the /home command is one of them. Another important one is the /spawn command. In all worlds this command will take you back to the spawn area of that world. You can lock your chests, doors, workbenches and furnaces in your home with the /cprivate command. That way only you have access to it. Don't lock public or other peoples stuff, this is considered tampering with their belongings. For a full list of all available locking commands to you, type /lwc. If you have questions about commands you can always ask in chat, most players that have been around awhile can probably answer it :)
Should you find yourself in a strange spot, type /halp to tp back to Greenleaf Spawn.

4. Texture Packs, Visual Mods
If you have a Texture Pack installed only you will see it like that on a MultiPlayer World. The same goes for visual mods. Let's say you have the cape mod installed, only you and other players on the server with that same mod installed will see your cape.

5. Aaargh, I accidentally broke something
Remember to be careful around other people's builds, especially in creative worlds, because it's very easy to break a block. Should this happen, you are expected to immediately replace that block. In creative worlds this is easy, just select the block you broke from your inventory and replace it. It's also important to let an admin know that you accidentally broke something, you can do that by stating your accident in the chat. The reason it's important to let an admin know is so we can tell it's an accident and not a grief, a break done on purpose. Griefing will get you banned.

6. MineSquish and Minecraft updates
We run a server with over 30 plugins to make it a safe environment for all players, this however means that every time Mojang updates Minecraft the server has to wait for ALL plugins to be updated. This always takes some time, we don't make the plugins so we cannot know how long it takes until they are updated. So once you are playing on MineSquish and Mojang updates: DON'T UPDATE or keep a copy of the "old version" of Minecraft. Otherwise you won't be able to play until the server updates. You'll get an error message like: Outdated Server.

If you have any questions at all please ask below, if we find more topics we need to cover we'll update this list!

Re: MineSquish Guide for Parents and their Young Children

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 10:37 pm
by Noah_Is_Back
What's the server IP

Re: MineSquish Guide for Parents and their Young Children

Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2017 1:25 pm
by kongering
server IP is: :)

Re: MineSquish Guide for Parents and their Young Children

Posted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:56 pm
by Gr8Nate714
Is there a way to use voice chat on the server?

Re: MineSquish Guide for Parents and their Young Children

Posted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 2:53 pm
by WelshPixie
There's no voice chat in Minecraft, no - but you can use our Discord server (you can see info in the Discord box on the right-hand side of our front page: to voice chat to any other players who are also in Discord at the same time as you. :)