Fostering a Community of Respect

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Fostering a Community of Respect

Postby WelshPixie » Sun Dec 21, 2014 8:23 pm

IndieSquish is a community built on one core principle - respect. Repsect for your fellow players, respect of property, respect of the rules and respect of the staff.

This applies to everyone, but I'm making this post specifically for those players who feel it's fine to ignore warnings from our community helpers.

The helpers are veteran members of the community who know the rules well enough to enforce them and who have demonstrated themselves mature and capable enough to handle a little more authority on the site and server. If a helper asks you to not do something, YOU LISTEN. There are no exceptions. You do it immediately. A helper will only ever ask you not to do something if you're doing something that breaks the rules - spamming chat, for example, or leaving floating trees. By disobaying or ignoring Helper messages in chat, you're not just breaking one rule by doing whatever it is you were doing - you're breaking another by not stopping and not respecting the member of staff who's asking you to stop. Get enough warnings on your account - normally three - and we'll ban you, without appeal. That's it, gone, no coming back.

I take treatment of our community members very seriously - for ALL of our members - but I think it's only fair that those players who put in the extra effort to keep our community a nice, friendly place deserve that little extra respect, don't you? Respect the Community Helpers. There's no excuse not to.

Any occurences I see of people ignoring helper warnings will be dealt with severely by me personally. If you can't be nice, you don't belong here.
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Re: Fostering a Community of Respect

Postby CrazySquish » Sat Mar 07, 2015 11:21 pm

If I do get accepted into the MineSquish server, I will be sure to follow the rules at all times and to be respectful to all! Thank you for making such an amazing server!
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