TheJakester002 - reset inventory

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TheJakester002 - reset inventory

Postby james9837 » Fri Jul 31, 2015 2:19 am

Making this post for TheJakester002 who was having trouble in game and could not log into the forums.

The in-game problem was reported as a completely reset inventory between earlier today and near the time of this posting.
Specifics of what was lost:
"the xp was 33 and diamond armor all enchanted with prot. 3 or 4. and a fortune 3 eff. 3 unbreak. 3
diamond pick and dimond sword with sharpness 3 and unbreaking 3 and looting 3 and fireaspect"

Problem with the forum:
Error was invalid username or password - I suggested using whatever option exists for resetting/recovering the password (not even sure what options there are!)

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