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Server name colours

Postby chiprock2 » Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:26 am

Hey all!

I've noticed a few people asking me what the various name colours mean recently and after searching the site, I couldn't find anywhere that tells you what they all mean, so that's what this post will go into detail about!

Grey: Every regular player starts out with this name, it doesn't have any special meaning.

Blue: This is the colour given to people who donate money towards the cost of the server, it doesn't come with any other special perks (as of right now) - it just shows off to everyone how awesome you are! Donation link can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=1591

Green: Green signifies Master Builder, this is a special rank given to players who are deemed by the admin team to be a master at building! I'm not talking about building a few cool houses around the place, in order to get the role you would need to build something truly epic, in survival mode - a feat of Minecraft survival engineering. The rank comes with access to creative mode, and the World Edit compass alongside the colour.

Orange: This colour is for community helpers, think of them as junior admins. They help the admins out on the server, and have largely the same powers in game. (See below)

Red: Red names are given to those on the Admin team. Admins handle everything from griefing and other rule breaking to organising cool events for you to enjoy on the server. We're a group of mature players chosen by the server owners to ensure the server stays as awesome as possible. This isn't a rank you can apply for and if you do ask, you won't get. The first rule of Squish club, is you don't talk about Squish club ;)

Red with Orange text: There are 3 players with these colours; WelshPixie, rustybroomhandle and Fauxx. They are the general overlord server owners who look after everything to do with the server, including the work admins do.

That's pretty much everything, all of the players online are usually more than happy to help anyone new to the server, but if you do have any special questions, Admins and Helpers are your best bet for a more specific answer :)
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