~Squishmas Adventure 2015~

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~Squishmas Adventure 2015~

Postby Lepharian » Thu Dec 17, 2015 10:26 am

Map is Live! Use /gXmas to access it!

Hello! Merry Squishmas everyone! It’s that time again and with as with last year, we have a special map going lives to celebrate the Holidays! This weekend and onwards, you’ll be able to access a very special Map! The command to access it will announced when the map is officially open and ready for fun-times!

The Map will remain accessible past New years and into mid/late January! No such closure date has been decided just yet, but if people are vocal about it, we can keep it open for longer. Though ideally it will be closed before February 1st 2016.

So, some details about the Map itself.

-The Map is a special Adventure Map with its own separate Inventory and gamerules~ You cannot break or place blocks in this map! Instead you’ll have to equip yourself with a starting Snow Shovel and go out and bash some monsters, collect some lootz and trade with villagers to turn in quests and upgrade your equipment, supplies and more!

KeepInventory is On! Death will however still send you back to Squishmas Town station. As this is an adventure experience, /sethome and Chest Protections will be completely disabled in this world! But you may still use /spawn and the /g commands to return to spawn or leave the world as you please!

The World has its own separate Inventory group! In terms of item storage, there are ender chests all over the map for your usage, so along with your Inventory and hotbar that’s 63 storage slots. Should be enough to keep you going ;).
A recycle chest at the Spawn station will be provided for unwanted items, and while the ‘regular’ chests around the map are solely for decoration purposes. We have no problems with you storing items in them! Just... don’t expect the contents to still be there when you get back! Again there are No chest protections!

Best to also note that the World will be locked into night to encourage mob spawns (and it super looks pretty as well). We recommend playing with the brightness turned up ^^. But night vision potions will be purchasable through villager trades!

Now the Map consists of several areas, the Main Squishmas Town being the hub and safe haven. Various area’s surround it, and those who partook last year might remember some of these areas…but there’s more now that the Train tunnel has been *cough* unclogged! Oh and an avalanche at the Ski Mountains may have...opened up a new passageway too! So keep your wits about you!

The Map features some Boss summoning, and Custom crafting elements used at some special Altars hidden in the map! These require a correct combination of items to be imputed ‘in an exact Order’. There’s a handy NPC who can trade you a handy dandy book that can tell you more about these. I’m sure you’ll find him if you ride the Ski lift and have a little poke around the structures there.

There’s also door locks and other special applications. Like an XP → Present machine and a Present Unwrapper! While using them, try to be as close to the marked block as possible and keep your distance when someone else is using these... ‘facilities!’

Lootable Treasure Chests have been replaced by special ‘Treasure Boxes’. These can only be broken with the very special Starting weapon 'Snow Shovel’ and contain lots of goodies! They do restock occasionally. They are also a lot rarer this time around and may be hard to find! It’s first come first serve but if you are adventuring as a group, do share the loot around! Think of it like...love! You want to share the love don’t you?


That being said, we do advised you party up and play together! Things are more fun with friends [and two swords are better than one!] Just try to keep any petty squabbles to a minimum ;).

Your goal while playing the map is what you make it. Upgrade your gear to the best possible items and become the most powerful player in all Squishmas Land? Slay every enemy and Boss in the land? Or just hang out and Squishmas-party with friends? It’s all up to you!

Now finally, a few small tips for you all starting the map!

-Talk to NPC’s! Yes there’s a talk function, each Villager should have a talk button in-front or near them! Click it to engage in a conversation! They’ll tell you bits of information that you find useful, especially for quest givers! You may need to open the chat window (T default Key) as some dialogue may be long!

-Start with the easier areas and work your way up! Sure you might want to run everywhere and explore everything asap! But bare in mind each area has a difficulty level that represents how tough the mobs there are and they typically get tougher the further in you go! The easiest area is the Ski slopes, not to mention the free hot chocolate samples there that ‘restore your hunger for Free!’ (the food stall at Spawn also offers ‘free samples!’) so I do advise starting there! You can get up there using the Ski lifts, head left from the centre plaze tree in Squishmas Town!

-That being said, Don’t forget to grab the starting weapon from Squishmas Town’s station! This item is important even when you have a stronger weapon! Why? It’s the only tool that can break ‘Treasure Boxes’ so always have one handy! It's automatically placed in the left most slot of your hotbar!

-Explore! There’s alot to see, plenty to do! Have a good nosy round! You might spot something cool!

-Potions can be useful! Don’t overlook their potential! Especially against tougher enemies!


Finally! Feel free to leave us a suggestion or let us know if you encounter a bug or even mention aspect of the Map you dislike! We can take this information into account for next time :). This time around we have the ability to edit the map as you play so do let us know if you encounter anything...odd!

Oh and one final thing to note! When the Map does near it’s closure. We ‘may’ allow you to trade in some of your earned items for Squish Points! Hopefully that will make up for that ‘incident’ which reset them all back in October... ^^;.

Feel free to ask any questions in comments below!

Best of Luck!
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Re: ~Squishmas Adventure 2015~

Postby AMinecraftMaster » Thu Dec 17, 2015 3:23 pm

Can't wait to play it! You guys put a lot of work into these special events.
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Re: ~Squishmas Adventure 2015~

Postby Crossfire94 » Fri Dec 18, 2015 12:59 am

Minecraft MMORPG HYPE!!
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Re: ~Squishmas Adventure 2015~

Postby 1wolffan » Fri Dec 18, 2015 12:48 pm

Ooh, good pitch Crossfire. Minecraft Multiplayer Role-Playing Game. Perfect! ;)

Thanks for all the work Lephy. I'll see if I can at least show up and have a little fun. :D
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Re: ~Squishmas Adventure 2015~

Postby MegMeowse » Sat Dec 19, 2015 4:36 am

Whats all this talk about Multiple Merry Really-Popular Goats? Ah, well have fun with it anywho ;)
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Re: ~Squishmas Adventure 2015~

Postby jomo67 » Sun Jan 10, 2016 11:20 am

Wow! This is so good - starting with the amazing creative building (both landscapes and buildings), a host of adventure avenues, logic problems, special mobs, cool hiding places - TJ and Jomo have been here a LOT and are really enjoying it. I don't know why you guys are so good to us - but a very big THANK YOU is coming your way from our end :-D

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Re: ~Squishmas Adventure 2015~

Postby mummywummy » Mon Jan 18, 2016 10:00 pm

We had fun as well over Christmas when we had time...harder to now we are back at work and school. We've hardly scratched the surface after many hours.... :-)

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