Skull Mountain - Dungeon Adventure Area!

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Skull Mountain - Dungeon Adventure Area!

Postby Lepharian » Sun Jun 25, 2017 7:03 pm

Greetings everyone!

I am happy to inform you that our Main world has finally got its first multistage dungeon for well established players to seek out and explore! We openly dare you to attempt to challenge the might and Mystery of Skull Mountain Dungeon!


What is it?

Similar to the Dojo in our prior world, Skull Mountain is an Admin built structure for heavily geared players to test their wit and skills in combat whilst also featuring a few small puzzles and Boss fights! Conquering this challenges won’t go unrewarded either, as several treasure chests are scattered within the ruins that will periodically restock between raids.

There’s also some exclusive items that can be found, as well as an ‘ultimate reward’ that will allow players unable to locate End Cities to still get their hands on the fabled Elytra!

Where is it?

Skull_Dungeon is located on the Main world (/help) to the south of spawn. The entrance is at 438x 396y coordinates wise, if you use F3 to navigate!

What should I do to prepare?

It is advised to equip yourself with some very protective armour, a few weapons, as well as a stock of food and Potions! You’ll also need to offer a very ‘tasty item’ to a Stone Golem guarding the entrance door by placing it on the offering Log before him. Oh and be sure to listen what the stone golems inside have to say, their hints might just be clue to helping you discover all there is to offer in there!

Other things to Note!
  • You may not set your home inside of the structure. But you may rest in one of the beds in the little campsite outside of the skull to set your spawn there.

    Once a Boss is slain, it will not be fight-able again until the dungeon has restocked! The same applies to treasure chests and a few other interactions you might find.

    If your adventuring as a group, be sure to share some of the loot you find!

    The enemies are intended to be challenging, no moaning if you die! Just keep on trying!

    There is a particular part of the dungeon that may require two orbs to continue on. Find and slay the two Boss monsters and place their orbs on the pedestal to open the way!

    If you come across any errors or anything that doesn't seem right, be sure to let the admins know!

And finally, have fun! And your enjoy your stay on MineSquish! \o/

Sneak Peak screenshots below!:






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Re: Skull Mountain - Dungeon Adventure Area!

Postby Pookkah » Mon Jun 26, 2017 12:25 am

Looks great, Leph! I need to go check it out and die, ahhaha! :D

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Re: Skull Mountain - Dungeon Adventure Area!

Postby Minecraftgeek70 » Mon Jun 26, 2017 11:44 am

I had a nosy around.. was more than shocked by the sudden appearance of some hostile mobs in there XD

I chickened out after seeing my first infected mite.. I didn't venture any further after that. I turned and ran XD.

very well put together little adventure. need to return better equipped next time.

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