INTRODUCTION INSTRUCTIONS (Please read before posting your introduction threads)

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INTRODUCTION INSTRUCTIONS (Please read before posting your introduction threads)

Postby 1wolffan » Sun Dec 21, 2014 4:46 pm

Posting an Intro is only one step in getting whitelisted on the Servers, so be sure to check out the Application Instructions and be sure to follow them.

There is no specific format for submitting intruductions. We don't want a bunch of cookie-cutter posts. But seeing how it's your gateway into the server, there are a few guidelines you need to follow:

- ALWAYS include your Minecraft name, especially if it's different than your forum username.
- This is also the best time to let us know if you're a parent submitting on your young child's behalf

- A lot of our players enjoy knowing at least a little something about our other players. So you might post your age here (especially if your a parent, you should post the child's age) and you should also include a few hobbies, or activities you enjoy outside of Minecraft. Do NOT post anything personal, like real names, addresses, or similar things. As this is an internet forum that anyone can see.

- Let us know what you like to do in Minecraft too. This helps us direct you to some of the activities/worlds that may interest you in the future.

- If you are applying for yourself, make sure you have read the Community Rules & Guidelines and the Minesquish Minecraft Server Rules and let us know when you've read and understand them.

- If you are a parent, be sure to go over the two links just mentioned, with your child and make sure they fully understand these rules and will follow them. There is also a really nice Parents with Kids Guide created by one of the staff, if you want a bit more help in that matter.
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