Hey, Its The Real Undos :)

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Hey, Its The Real Undos :)

Postby undos » Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:49 am

Hey, it's Undos here. Yes (undos). That is my name. Other people call me "Fork" because I used to be Im_A_Fork. But yes, I was roaming around the internet and well, happened to stumble upon your server (whoops!). So, let me introduce. I am some random teenage boy. I tend to get mad, but don't worry! I can control it :). I like to build and PvP. That's about what I do. I may not play EVERY SINGLE day, but I will play many days. I make sure my server list as at least 1 more player to play on the servers. I have a long workload, so yes, I might not play every day. I have a life (such a suprise!). Oh yea, I'm sarcastic. (Sarcasm?). So, lets get to the point. I want to join the server because I feel like this will be a nice community for me! I LOVE family friendly servers (I play them ALL the time).

Have you read the rules? ALWAYS. I always know the rules on all servers. I do my best to remember them. I rarely (if ever) cuss. It is my own belief to not cuss. I do not use much caps, I mainly will use proper grammar.
Do you grief? Why would I? I have much better things to do. I'm not mean.
Do you exploit? No! I report ALL exploits to make the community a better place.
Do you spam? Again, I mainly use proper grammar. I only will EVER spam as in (CAPS LIKE THIS). Rarely ever.
Do you hack? I have a server. I install hacks for TESTING purposes on my server. I will not use hacks on your server UNLESS you would ever want me to use them for testing purposes. I also have OptiFine, but I do have a good computer. I use it for shaders. It does not give me any in game improvement. It just makes Minecraft look real.

So? Yeah, I would love to join. But it's your choice... To be continued ;).

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Re: Hey, Its The Real Undos :)

Postby 1wolffan » Wed Nov 15, 2017 9:33 am

Well, we don't have quite as many players as we used to, but you're welcome to join our server. Sounds like you've gone over the rules pretty well. On this server, even abbreviations that are commonly used with swearing in them is bannable. But sounds like you shouldn't have too much a problem though, so no worries. You should be able to log in at mc.indiesquish.com by the time you see message. Have fun! But don't forget that sarcasm doesn't often translate well to MC chat... tis a silly place.
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