Introduction for monster_buster

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Introduction for monster_buster

Postby monster_buster » Sun Nov 05, 2017 3:33 pm

Hello, I am the parent for monster_buster and would like to join the community on his behalf. He is 7 years old and him and I have been playing minecraft together for the last couple of years. He absolutely loves minecraft and keeps surprising me with all the recipes and trivia he knows about minecraft and in fact I had to take his help to answer the question on the account registration form. We are just venturing into online gameplay and I want him to be in a safe environment when I may not be supervising him. We started off with MCPE and now we have a local java server running which we both play on. We love building homes in creative and in survival we love exploring and enjoy finding diamonds and emeralds and sharing them. Outside of minecraft he is into basketball and volcanoes.

We have read the rules together and understand it.


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Re: Introduction for monster_buster

Postby 1wolffan » Sun Nov 05, 2017 6:07 pm

Ooh Volcanoes! That's a topic we don't hear too many people getting into around here. I'm not fully into them, but I've been to Volcano National Park in Hawaii, and rode a helicopter right over one of the active ones over there. Hawaii volcanoes aren't all that energetic, they just kind of avalanche down the mountain-sides, no airborne explosiony bits.

Anyways, since you've gone over the rules, I've gone and added monster_buster to our whitelist. Since hes's so young (and we've recently encountered confusion on the matter) I'm going to reiterate one of our bigger rules...
"If he didn't build it, he shouldn't place or remove anything (blocks or otherwise) near it, unless that person has said he can." We have a few public farms near spawn, for early foods though, so that should be fine, as long as he replants.
He should be able to connect at by the time you see this message.
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Re: Introduction for monster_buster

Postby monster_buster » Sat Nov 11, 2017 3:34 pm

Thank you very much we will check it out today

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