Intro for UndertaleFan271

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Intro for UndertaleFan271

Postby UndertaleFan271 » Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:25 am

Hi All,

My name is PotterHead25, and I am UndertaleFan's Mum. UndertaleFan is 8, and he is passionate about Minecraft. He has been begging us to find a good server for him for about 6 months now, and recently I stumbled upon IndieSquish. We are very excited to have found you guys!

UndertaleFan and I live in Australia. He has played minecraft for about a year and a half. He is a big fan of DanTDM and Stampy. UndertaleFan also really likes reading, and music! We have read over the rules together and he agrees to them and fully understands them.

Thank you so much.


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Re: Intro for UndertaleFan271

Postby 1wolffan » Mon Oct 09, 2017 4:21 pm

Thank you for your intro.
Since you've gone over the rules, I've already added UndertaleFan271 to the whitelist. You should be able to log in to now. Don't forget our most important rule about not touching other peoples projects without their permission. Welcome to the server, and don't forget to have fun. :)
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