Introduction and apply for whitelist

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Introduction and apply for whitelist

Postby skyerainbowwolf » Thu Sep 21, 2017 4:15 am

Hi, I am the player SkyeDaddy, a father of a 6 year old named SkyeRainbowWolf, we got into minecraft a little less than a year ago and have become a father/son team at it. We are really into it and have even just started to get his mother into it. We are hopefully going to even be doing youtube videos together soon. Skye is very much into youtube and really wants to do his own stop motion lego animated minecraft videos like he has seen online.

I am wanting to explore and learn as much of the minecraft world as possible with my son and we already do Realms and are just starting to look into servers. I googled for the best family friendly minecraft servers and yours came up in a top 10 list and thus I am wanting to join and find out what this part of the minecraft world is all about. I really do not know much about servers but am willing to learn, Skye is a fast learner and is always teaching me new things about minecraft. We have looked briefly at hypixel and that is all so far as far as servers go. I personally found hypixel a bit too complex and without much documentation on what to do, it also seemed to be a lot more game based. Both Skye and I love to build, Skye's favourite thing is building big farms and structures and putting lots of animals in them. He is really not into any of the fighting or looting aspects of the game but he does like the adventuring aspects.

Although minecraft and youtube do seem to take up a large part of his interests, outside of that he is really into animals, bike riding, lego, bowling and he loves the simpsons. I am a full time parent who is also an artist, I dabble in glass blowing and am very much into Burning Man, but most of all I like spending time with Skye.

I don't know what else to say as this is all new to me. I just hope to join and have fun with my son, I hope that is a good enough reason to let us join.


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Re: Introduction and apply for whitelist

Postby 1wolffan » Thu Sep 21, 2017 7:27 am

That is quite a nice introduction post. Thank you so much for putting all that time and thought into it. I wish more people would put that much thought into their intros. :)

However, I do have to double-check and make sure you've gone over The Server Rules and both of you will follow them. As soon as one of the admins gets a verification response from you in this thread, you should both be on your way to the server; but I do need you to respond first.
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