Family Introduction

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Family Introduction

Postby christie699 » Sun Aug 13, 2017 8:44 pm

Hello! I would like to introduce my family of four kiddos:
- AnakinBoy1 (aged 14)
- Caroline3 (aged 12)
- Asarina (aged 10)
- BigBoy6 (aged 6)

They have all been playing on Minecraft since 2014. It's a daily thing, whether it's on a computer, a pocket edition, or on the Wii. :) They LOVE it! It cracks me up that they have conversations in real life while playing the game together, complete with a vocabulary that I don't even know or understand LOL. They would love to join your server! They are homeschooled, and well-behaved on Minecraft. I have read them the rules and they all understand and agree. They are looking forward to making new friends and some fun game play! :)

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