Hi! Introducing ForrestDragon

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Hi! Introducing ForrestDragon

Postby LexiconausRex » Sun Nov 20, 2016 6:24 pm

Hello! I am introducing my daughter, ForrestDragon, who would like very much to join Minesquish! Her brother, Artemeus (nee RumbleInBrighton) joined Minesquish I think in 2013 (?) and I joined sometime later. We have loved playing on Minesquish, and she is ready to join in on the fun and adventure! (I let her play with my account a bit yesterday while I watched and she had a lot of fun playing with SquirrelMonkey taming wolves. :D )

She loves all things dragons. Mostly, she loves drawing dragons and coming up with new types of dragons. She also likes reading about dinosaurs - really, she likes any kind of creature, big or small, alive or extinct. Probably her favorite thing to do on Minecraft has been making zoos and collecting animals to put in.

I have gone over all the rules with her and she understands them. We've also talked about her part in communicating using chat as she was diagnosed with dyslexia several years ago, but she has come so far and is doing really well! She did want others to know she may not be able to reply quickly and might not spell correctly when using chat :)

Her username is ForrestDragon.

Thank you! :)

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Re: Hi! Introducing ForrestDragon

Postby kongering » Tue Nov 22, 2016 2:13 am


Great to see another member of your family wanting to join the server!
Since you've gone over the rules I've added her to the whitelist, welcome to Minesquish ForrestDragon :)

Kong :)

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