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Postby iamjohnnyjohnson » Sun Oct 16, 2016 1:12 pm

Hey dudes, iamjohnnyjohnson here, posting from the Isle of sideways rain and tea.

I've been playing MC since 1.7 (?), and have had the same world throughout in single player but felt that it was time to branch out into other areas, such as modded (nothing too non-vanilla) and community building (hence my arrival at this board).

I'd say I'm definitely more a builder than a redstoner, although I did once make a simple cocoa bean farm all by myself which still makes me a little bit proud of myself every time I use it (I'm obviously very easily pleased......). I like big builds with lots of little details to explore (which, of course, means that nothing is ever officially "finished") and everything light level 9 +. If anyone is interested, I have a few screenies I can share of current (again, unfinished) projects.

In real life, I'm a fully grown manchild and veteran gamer. I live by the sea and do arty stuff. The messier the better. I also like cake.

I've read up on your ToS, and can confirm that I can play nice. My MC username is the same as above, so that's easy.

So, anyway,


PS: I hope I've done this right.........

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Re: Howdy!

Postby kongering » Wed Oct 19, 2016 10:45 am

Hi iamjohnnyjohnson,

Nice to meet ya! Since you've gone over the rules we've added you to the whitelist, welcome to MineSquish!
Have fun and if you have any questions just hollar.

Kong :)

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